Waste water treatment

Waste water treatments

Domestic wastewater is that coming from the drainage systems of homes, and is usually distinguished:
• in black waters coming from the toilet
• in gray water coming from other water appliances in the bathroom and kitchen

• in meteoric waters coming from atmospheric precipitations and disposed of through the downspouts.

The water coming from domestic sanitary appliances and rainwater must in fact be disposed of through two separate channeling systems, which can possibly be channeled jointly only outside the building, based on the provisions of national legislation and various local regulations.

  • Phytodepuration
  • Evapotranspiration
  • Leachate beds
  • Degreasers
  • Oil separators
  • Biological purification
  • Total oxidation
  • First rain systems
  • Chemical / physical plants
  • Tertiary treatments

Remediation of waste water

Groundwater remediation is a particular field of application of water treatment technologies. In sites where there is the presence of pollution generally of industrial origin, one can witness a contamination of the underground aquifers with pollutants of various kinds. The most classic are derivatives of hydrocarbons, aromatic organic compounds and heavy metals.

The remediation process of an aquifer starts with the creation of pumping piezometers from which the groundwater is extracted and then sent to special water treatment plants. The treated water can be discharged into the sewer or surface water or reintroduced into the same aquifer from which it was discharged (Pump and Treat with reintroduction).

Each groundwater treatment plant is unique in that it is specially designed for the specific hydraulic, geological and chemical-physical conditions. However, the most commonly used processes, often in combination, are: Physical chemistry and filtration.

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