Our History

Our History

The company, under the brand name Gajarda, was founded in 1999 for the treatment of drinking water for private households and commercial establishments.

Over time, the areas of activity expanded to include industry and public bodies. Alongside this, we have expanded our range of services to include wastewater treatment and the marketing and maintenance of swimming pools.

Today, we stand as a sole partner specialising in water, with customised solutions for all requirements.

Our organisation is especially flexible.  We are able to provide a complete service from study to design and installation of all types of water treatment systems.

Our range is complemented by a particular focus on after-sales support, which takes the form of scheduled maintenance and emergency response, if required.

Gajarda S.r.l. is responsible for all technical and administrative aspects related to the construction of solid and liquid waste treatment systems of all types and swimming pools for commercial and private use.

Entry into the world of water treatment

The GAJARDA brand of drinking water treatment systems for domestic use is created

First assemblies of systems for drinking water purification and residential wastewater

First industrial works for drinking water and wastewater

PURA XD is established. Exclusive import obtained for ferric hydroxide G-OX arsenic removal

Nasce il PURA XD. Viene ottenuta l’esclusiva per l’importazione dell’idrossido ferrico G-OX rimozione arsenico

  1. Gajarda is organised into three main areas of activity:

    1. Home&Work Sector
    2. Professional Sector
    3. Swimming Pool Sector

Acquisition of SOA OS 30 certification: internal electrical, telephone, radio and television systems.

Registration in the National Register of Environmental Operators for waste transportation