Gajarda is able to offer solutions for any need, thanks to the competence and professionalism of its staff and the support of world-leading partners in every sector.Our team is daily engaged in the production, installation and maintenance of water treatment plants. From simple mechanical filters for the elimination of coarse particles to large, highly technological systems used in the purification processes of metropolitan aqueducts.

Our fields of application

We are daily engaged in the construction and maintenance of water purification systems for professional and industrial use. We are also specialized in the construction of swimming pools and photovoltaic systems.

Water treatment


Services dedicated to industries
Gajarda Professional is the sector entirely dedicated to the treatment of industrial water for the design of plants, treatment and purification of water.

Home & Work

Services dedicated to individuals and companies
The Home & Work sector deals with the purification and treatment of water for domestic and commercial use.

Workshop and Pool


Metallic carpentry
Sector completely dedicated to the design, construction and assembly of light and heavy metal carpentry.


Design and construction of swimming pools
Sector dedicated to the design, construction and renovation of indoor and outdoor swimming pools for individuals and accommodation facilities. The adoption of technological solutions and quality materials allow us to customize every single detail.

Energies and Building

Renewable Energy

Services dedicated to energy production
Gajarda Energy is the sector dedicated to the construction of plants that produce renewable energy.


Construction and renovation
Gajarda Buildings is the sector completely dedicated to constructions, renovations and seismic adaptations.


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